Rose Gold iPhone SE

As it turns out, quite a few people prefer smaller phones. Yesterday at its keynote event, Apple revealed that 30 million people bought its 4-inch phones last year. That’s almost 8 percent of the 232 million phones Apple sold worldwide last year.

And according to mobile analytics website Mixpanel, the iPhone 5s is currently the company’s second most popular phone, second only to the iPhone 6 (and ahead of the 6s and 6 Plus). Obviously there’s a market for smaller phones, one Apple would be silly to ignore.

Phones have been trending large for almost five years now, and the iPhone 6’s 4.7-inch screen was Apple’s acknowledgement of that. There’s no denying the 6 and 6S have been a huge success—Apple set all of its revenue, profit, and iPhone sales records after the bigger handset appeared in 2014. But the super-sized form factor drew consternation from people who weren’t ready to trade in their smaller screens.


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