Vizio moves the TV into your Remote Control

VIZIO HAS BEEN owning the home entertainment market lately by selling excellent televisions for bargain prices, putting sub-$1,000 price tags on great sets with all the latest tech packed inside.

The company is still at it: Vizio’s new 2016 P Series of TVs offer the same features found in the company’s super-expensive Reference Series, but at more affordable pricing that starts at $1,000. If you don’t need the extra dimming zones and sunshine-bright backlight systems of the $6,000-and-up Reference Series panels, the new P-series sets are a steal.

These P-Series Vizios aren’t just 4K TVs, they’re HDR 4K TVs. HDR-capable sets can produce very bright highlights, making fireballs and shimmering water appear incredibly lifelike. They can also display inky blacks, making all the details in a dim scene really pop. Basically, HDR should be at the top of the New Things You Want In a TV list.


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